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Science Club

Welcome to the TMS Science Club!

The purpose of the TMS Science Club is to spark an interest in science that allows students to explore and question the subject through hands on techniques

Edible SLIME!



Egg drop Winners

Students constructed a protective holder for their eggs and subjected them to a 10 ft drop that if survived allowed them to move on to a 20 ft drop. These two groups had their eggs survive unscathed!

A connection between what happens in everyday life and real applications will be made at each meeting.  Students will use the scientific method and inquiry skills to accomplish tasks. 


 Activities include:

  • TBD based on Student Interest


In addition, students work as part of a team developing essential communication skills. Often times, in science, new developments and discoveries are not achieved individually. This requires the work and effort of multiple individuals. This club encourages positive team work and thinking outside the box to achieve a common goal. 


 Meetings are held on Tuesdays in Room 145 of WBO from Oct to March according to the schedule below. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Mr. Engle via email.


Club sponsors:

Mr. Raland Engle -

Science Club 2019-2020 Meeting Schedule - All meeting will be held in Room 145 of WBO

September 27th - Registration Due (8to18 & google.forms linked to google.classroom)

October 1st - Organizational Meeting

October 18th - 

October 15th - 

October 22nd - 

October 29th - 

November 5th -

November 12th -

December 3rd -

December 10th -

December 17th -

January 7th -

January 14th -

January 21st -

January 28th -

February 4th -

February 11th -

February 18th -

February 25th -

March 3rd -

March 10th - Last Meeting

"The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand." -Frank Herbert

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