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Student ID Policy

over 3 years ago

School issued picture ID's are to be worn by students on a lanyard, preferably issued by the school, at all times. In an attempt to promote greater student accountability for bringing their IDs to class on a daily basis, Troy Middle School will be charging $5.00 for lost student identification cards. Student IDs are important for identification purposes as well as for purchasing lunch and checking out library books on a daily/weekly basis.

All TMS students receive a picture ID at the beginning of the school year. Students will be required to purchase an new ID card for $5.00 in the library in the event that they lose their initial ID.

If students do not pay this fee, parents will be sent notification of the number of IDs their child has been required to purchase, and be charged the corresponding amount on a monthly basis. This amount is required to be paid promptly; if it is not paid, the Troy School District will utilize a collection agency to collect unpaid fees. Fines charged go directly to the replacement costs for student IDs and lanyards. Student lanyards may be purchases individually for $1.00