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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions:

Parent Meeting: TBD
First Tryout Date: November 27, 2017 @ TMS cafe 2:30-5 

Is there a fee and what forms need to be turned in?

There is no additional cost to tryout or play on the wrestling team. A physical must be turned in and be valid in the past year to tryout. All 6th graders had an entrance physical which can dual as a sports physical if the doctor check interscholastic sports on the back of the physical. You may check this information on your Skyward account or call your nurse at TMS/WBO. The parent permission form and concussion form were signed off during online registration.  

How many days a week is practice?

Practice is 5 days a week and times are determined by gym space availability.   Is there transportation home from practice?If you are not provided with transportation to school because you are a walker then you will not have an activity bus. If you are out of walking distance and Troy provides morning bus service then you will be provided an activity bus, only if practice ends at 4 PM.  

How many kids make the team?

The final number will be determined by tryouts per weight class. Maximum of 90 wrestlers will be accepted.  

How many meets are there in a week?

There can be up to 3 meets in a week including Saturday meets. These meets may be home or away. 

Is there transportation to the meets?

Yes there is transportation to the meets but you either need to take your child home from the meet or pick them back up at TMS once the bus returns from an away meet. 

 How long does the season last?

Wrestling will run from December- March 

Will the school provide a uniform?

Yes the school will provide a one piece singlet. 

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